Sweater Weather Collection

$75.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
  • Entire Sweater Weather Collection includes: 


    Snowdrop - a purple base packed with silver to green metallic shifting iridescent microflakes. 


    Flannel - a deep red base packed with red-orange-green metallic shifting iridescent microflakes. 


    Echor - a sheer teal jelly base with yellow-orange-green and blue-purple shifting iridescent flakes and holographic flakes. 

    Meaning: encircling mountains 


    Sugar Plum - a sheer light purple base packed with orange-yellow-green shifting iridescent flakes and holographic flakes. 


    Peppermint - a bright red/orange base packed with pink-yellow shifting iridescent shimmer. 


    Blue Spruce - a teal base packed with yellow/green-blue shifting iridescent shimmer.

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