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Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Being eco-friendly is extremely important to us and we do our very best at reducing waste. Beginning in Fall of 2021, we will be delivering your items in packaging that is easily recyclable in your curbside recycle bin. 

Individual Protective Boxes

Instead of plastic individual bubble pouches, we have fully switched over to paperboard boxes printed using eco friendly ink. The paperboard comes from sustanibly managed forests and four seedlings are planted for every felled tree. These boxes are also 100% curbside recyclable.

Recyclable Tissue Paper

The tissue paper your order will be wrapped in is made with FSC certified paper meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests and it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 

Invoices and Cards 

Your invoice sheet is fully curbside recyclable as well as any business cards or FTLOP card you may receive. The FTLOP cards are FSC certified recycled paper. 

100% Recycled Shipping Mailers

We have switched to 100% recycled mailers, padded with upcycled newspaper instead of plastic bubble wrap. While these may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other mailers, we think helping Mother Nature is more beautiful! These mailers are also 100% curbside recyclable and biodegradable. 

USPS Provided Packaging

If you order over 6 bottles you will receive your order in USPS provided packaging. If your package comes in a plastic padded mailer, you can bring it to most recycling boxes that accept plastic bags. To find one in your area go to These packages will also be reinforced with a cardboard sheet. These are also fully curbside recyclable. 

Offsetting Carbon Emissions 

For every UPS package we ship (and some we recieve), we use their Carbon Neutral shipping program which helps offset the emissions of the shipment's transport.

How to recycle your shipping supplies

Handmade with Love

If you receive your package in a Kraft mailer or in a box, 100% of the packaging is curbside recyclable, meaning you can toss it into your household recycle bin. If you receive your package in a plastic padded mailer, everything but the mailer is curbside recyclable. To find a location that will recycle any of your plastic mailers go to to find your nearest drop off location. You can also reuse them as padding for any packages you send! Thank you so much for being apart of our eco friendly changes! 

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