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  • a deepened teal base with blue-purple iridescent shifting larger particle shimmer and a sparkling silver magnetic line. (magnet sold seperately.)


    Swatches shown show unmagnetized and magnetized.


    Magnetic Polish Instructions: 


    • Apply one coat of base coat to all nails, let dry. (Optional) 
    • Apply one coat of magnetic polish to all nails and let dry. 
    • One nail at a time, apply a thicker second coat of magnetic polish and immediately hold the magnet as close as possible without touching to the nail for 10-30 seconds. The longer you hold the magnet, the thiner the magnetic line will be. 
    • If you need a third coat, repeat step 3. 
    • Wait until the last coat is completely dry. Wait 5-7 minutes if possible. 
    • One nail at a time, apply one coat of topcoat and hold the magnet for 10-30 seconds in the same place you held it during step 3. Floating your brush on top of your nail rather than touching the brush to the nail during this step, can help prevent the design from smearing.
    • As the polish dries, you will notice the design spreading out. There is no way to prevent spreading, but the longer you hold the magnet after topcoat, the less the design will spread.