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Soft Focus Basecoat - Briar Rose

  • a pink undertone version of our Soft Focus Basecoat. This can be built up to be opaque and a beautiful base for toppers or use one coat under any polish to blur your nail line. While this will be flattering on a lot of skin tones, it will work especially great for pink undertones.


    Soft Focus Basecoats are tinted basecoats to help conceal and blur your nail line, while maintaining the natural look of your nail. This basecoat was designed for use with sheer polishes but can be used with any polish. This is not an opaque creme base (in 1 coat). We have 4 shades now in the lineup. "Neutral" is great for olive or warm skin undertones, "Plum Taupe" is great for deeper skintones, cooler undertones as well as stained nails, "Briar Rose" is good for pink or neutral undertones and "Snow" is for anyone want a completely uncolored blank canvas or a boost for neons.


    Soft Focus's may vary slightly batch to batch as a few colors in the bases aren't made by us so it can vary slightly. We do our best to color match the previous batch. The variations shouldn't make a different in the effectiveness of the product.